Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Armour progress

I fought off inertia yesterday to spend a couple of good solid hours building Lancelot's armour. The eagle eyed amoung you may notice he only has half a body. Once I've perfected this side I will mirror it. I still need to texture the armour to make it more 'metally' and maybe add a simple row of rivets. But I dont want to overdo it as it's a little cartoony whimsy. x
Today: the rest of the detail, a bit of texturing and bob's your uncle!

EDIT: FRIDAY - And here he is in fuming glory.


Nina said...

wow. That is SOOO cool. I love what you do for a job.
What an awesome skill set!!

JenniS said...

thankyou darlin, I do love it this job. Such a good combination of brainiac stuff and drawing...