Thursday, September 24, 2009

Becoming house proud (in a good way)

Over the last years I have started to really dig gardening! (Millie and I spend ages out there weeding, her tiny toddler's fingers are great for those stubborn little ones in the brick cracks) and I guess because we've thrown some money at landscaping I suddenly feel the need to make it work! Yesterday a local landscaper (who I'd nervously contacted after getting his flier in the post) arrived to spend a day here. We talked about what had gone on before (he wasn't very complimentary about the last guy!) and decided things were in the wrong holes, too cluttered and a couple of planting beds which I'd wanted to become 'walls' of planting (only because real brick walls cost too much) were looking pretty sad. A mere smear of ground cover then a couple of spindly tall trees do not a wall make! After dropping Millie at kindy we took of in his ute to the big tradesmen's nursery where I fell in love with Corokia Frosted Chocolate and we agreed it would do a lovely job of being that middle tier I so needed. SO we bought 23 and came home and stuck them in the ground. It was a drizzly warm day, perfect for transplanting. I attach a photo of the patio and planting...oh and one of Millie washing sand ;-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aspects of Millie

A busy sketching month with one of Millie for David's 40th, and an invite to her 2nd birthday (a teddy bear's picnic) which is only a month away. She's developing a rather delightful lisp, like an old person whistling through their false teeth. Ricies becomes rishies. Cute!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Those Danes, they sure know how to design

Thanks to a lovely blog I follow, Design Totally Rocks for this link.

You can select a catalogue and peruse online. Sadly no NZ stockists I know of. I might start a shop ;-) Wonky Eye Day and Kirsten D can come and work with me! WOOHOOO (dreams are free...)

Friday, September 4, 2009

For Jo

Well ladies, today I became a woman. Or at least a footballer's wife. I had a spraytan! Here I am in one of the many and complex poses I had to master. I haven't bathed yet, but so far so good! Will update tan status upon return from Aus. x

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Armour progress

I fought off inertia yesterday to spend a couple of good solid hours building Lancelot's armour. The eagle eyed amoung you may notice he only has half a body. Once I've perfected this side I will mirror it. I still need to texture the armour to make it more 'metally' and maybe add a simple row of rivets. But I dont want to overdo it as it's a little cartoony whimsy. x
Today: the rest of the detail, a bit of texturing and bob's your uncle!

EDIT: FRIDAY - And here he is in fuming glory.