Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've been thinking alot about happiness recently, and I was inspired by the blog 1000 Awesome Things to start sketching things which make me happy or have made me happy that day. Luckily after two and a half years of 'readjustment' in my life, new kid, giving up working, and having a circle of friends who have all been struggling with some form of mild depression, I have started to look for happiness wherever I can. I read a review this week about this book on happiness and I like the idea of it being something you can learn to feel, something you need to work at, a skill to learn.

Happiness no. 1

When you get so wet that you couldn't get any wetter, so you might as well surrender.


Eva said...

nice :-)

Here's something to make you happy. I have a number of photos by my computer at work of Mille. One is of you and Millie at Halloween with the whiskers drawn on.
My work colleague comes in and says the following distressing (to me) statement.

"is that you?" "no its my sister"
"oh, I thought its you, but maybe a photo from when you are younger"

OUCH :-)


JenniS said...

haha, that's so harsh AND untrue on you! Those 8 years are going to start coming handy about now sis, just think when I'm a saggy 40 you'll be a nubile 32 ;-)

onelatenight said...

Aww!! I love this!

PS. I still owe you some Bubbles for your little miss.

I'll try and head over to Gymboree to pick up some with the most amazing blower ever, and send them your way :)

Xo. Kyla

JenniS said...

Oh thanks so much! I'd completely forgotten about those bubbles, you are so kind to remember. Hot blond hair BTW ;-)

Nina said...

I love your happiness drawing.
Inspiring post :)