Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time to get my hands dirty again

Now my animation contract has prematurely come to an end, (and because it just takes too darned long to animate just for the sake of it) I am throwing myself back into a recently ignored love of mine, life-drawing. First night at the Devonport group was last week. Our model Fred is a fabulous looking dude, but I must admit I much prefer big boobie ladies and I hope that's what I get this week! I was rusty and too self aware to be much good, but I don't mind this one for a quick n dirty practice. More to follow as the weeks pass, and hopefully some translated into oils x


Nina said...

I'm so sorry your animation contract has ended :( sob!
The stuff you were making looked really cool.

Your life drawing pic rocks! I'm glad you are doing it. Be sure to post other pics when you do them. Can't wait to see! x

JenniS said...

thanks darlin! I hope hope hope the contract will be picked up one day! It would be a shame to put those guys to bed forever :-( But yeah in a way it's great to just focus on the stuff which gets left behind for a while, even did Pilates today!