Monday, January 4, 2010

This was her Christmas!

A fiesta of swimming, sun and eating - just like my childhood memories. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas too. x


Nina said...

Oh those photos are so gorgeous! My favourite is the swimming-action shot!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenni.. thought I wouldnt hear from you again!!! :( I was so delighted to log in and see your post. Millie is so beautiful. Are you on facebook?? We could catch up more. Our baby girl was born on the 1st March. We are calling her Laura. Her Christening is tomorrow so this evening is all go!! :)
Hope ye are all doing real good. Love and best wishes to all XXX Add me as a friend on facebook if you are on it. Lourda Dunne ive a pic of nick and grace as my profile pic XXXXX