Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The hottest days of the summer so far...

...and I'm working on the computer and cooking a Christmas cake! Yes simultaneously - after all, I am woman, hear me multi-task. It's my first Christmas cake and it's fair to say I'm nervous. After all there's no testing it until the gathered throngs cut into it in 15 days time. I am playing it safe I think - it's made with condensed milk and how can any rich fruity brandy soaked cake fail with that secret ingredient? Also I got to take a medicinal spoonful straight from the tin, something I've not done in about 20 years. IT'S SO GOOD!!

Meanwhile, work - resizing a game I did two years ago. One of the operators needs a wider game and who are we to argue! It's not easy remembering all my logical thought processes of yore regarding saving, naming and so on. But I'm nearly there. Here is my main character, you can tell he's a ladies bee. Think Barry White as soundtrack.x

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Nina said...

Firstly, awesome work on the fruitcake. I have not progressed to domestic goddess status yet, and am very impressed!
Secondly, a barry white bumble bee- sweeeeet :)